Do you dare to give ‘permission to fail’ ?

In the previous blog, my colleague wrote about the necessity for individuals to make mistakes in order to learn, develop and grow. Simple as it may seem, it is typically not easy for people to really embrace this principle. That is because most of us have rather learned to avoid mistakes in order not to experience feelings of embarrassment or guilt. In short: to avoid pain.

What is needed here is a good dose of realistic compassion with our own struggle to learn and develop. Only then can we –eventually- re-frame our ‘failings’ to ‘learning experiences’ and even enjoy the process! In a coaching course I once followed, every public ‘failure’ was welcomed with a round of applause – glorious failure, they called it!

Saying that people need to experiment and fail to learn is one (important) thing. But now consider the challenge from a leadership perspective. It means that in order to foster creativity and innovation, leaders should not only grant the opportunity to experiment, but also give explicit or implicit permission to fail to experimenting efforts! Ahum….permission to FAIL ? Yes –  only if it is safe to experiment and to mess up will people take the risk of trying new, unconventional things. Good leaders share the failure risks.

Read this interesting article: leaders who want innovation need to give permission to fail.

Do you dare to give permission to fail? What keeps you from doing it?


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